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Ingrid Cucchi
Ingrid Cucchi
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Ingrid Cucchi
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the next twenty years (TN20Y) p/l
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Whole of Life Designer, Future Strategist, WomenSpeak Facilitator - I serve women who work, to shape their lives for impact, so that what they do at work (career or in business) makes a difference and helps them create a life they love. I do this through speaking, workshops, online programs and limited strategic one on one coaching partnerships.

I work with women on their why, their unique skills and talents, who they show up as so that they can speak up and be influential in their lives. We prepare each woman for the unfolding future workplace of the next twenty years and beyond so that loving their work brings them more time, wealth and freedom.

My big dream is that women everywhere one day will have the knowledge to build their own extraordinary life and the belief that they can through wisdom passed down and through other women so that together we are a powerful force for change in the world.

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Wilkins St Mawson ACT 2607

Let me help you be bold and deliberate in creating your future.
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