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Government in the Australian Capital Territory

The Australian Capital Territory (ACT) was granted self-government in 1989. Prior to self-government, the ACT was administered by the Federal Parliament, with the first ACT Advisory Council established in 1930. The current Sixth Assembly is comprised of 17 elected representatives—the Australian Labor Party holds nine seats, the Liberal Party holds seven seats and the ACT Greens holds one seat. The ACT Legislative Assembly is unique in Australia because it holds the power to look after both state and local functions of the territory. From the web site for the Legislative Assembly for the ACT, you can access a range of information about the Legislative Assembly - its history; information on how it operates; details of its Members; information on business before the Assembly and records of proceedings; and a range of information on Assembly committees.

You can learn about the City of Queanbeyan at and about the Yass Valley Council at